Estate Renewal: Delivering Better Outcomes – Community | Social Value | Sustainability

November 06th 2020

12.30pm - 1.30pm
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Delivering more and better homes is a top priority for Central and Local Government; ensuring the quality and mix of tenure and affordability. The recent Planning for the Future white-paper proposals aims to simplify the planning process and facilitate increased housing delivery across the UK. This draft document has been met with opposition and controversy from various stakeholders; including around community-engagement.

Estate Renewal is a key part of UK Regeneration. Quality affordable homes are essential, and at the core of this is the local community. Estate Renewal schemes involve close partnership working between the local authority, the community and the developer. Getting this right creates a win for all. Most importantly, improvements in the liveability of neighbourhoods, towns and Cities.

Generating enhanced social value to an area is a critical part of estate renewal. But, who decides where the social value should be added in a neighbourhood? Can this be qualitatively measured / tracked? How reliable are the measuring techniques?

Resident ballots put residents at the heart of decision making and have helped in the smooth delivery of new homes. However, opposition to developments, is now coming from small London-wide groups, rather than locals, and aren’t necessarily representing the views of those living in an area. What are the best ways to engage with local communities? Has technology enabled a more inclusive engagement model? Or rather, are we finding it excludes a sub-section of the community without this technology?

The Gentrification debate is not a new one. And some cite this as an unavoidable consequence of regeneration. A key issue for debate in this webinar - how can we prioritise keeping communities together - and how can the consequent economic growth of the area benefit the existing community; as higher socio-economic groups are attracted to the area and drive up price and demand?

Is Estate Renewal a good prospect for the developer and investor? Or is it too complex to navigate in current conditions? How can Public and Private partnerships improve future outlook for such schemes? Is Community ‘King’ and how can better community-engagement lead to better outcomes for all?

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