Our ‘Community’ Platform and App!

What is the Movers & Shakers Community?

The Movers & Shakers Virtual Community (and app); where you can network and connect with Industry decision-makers and public sector members. 

Arrange individual and meetings, keep updated on the big issues and showcase your organisation in an Exhibitor or Knowledge Hub, and make presentations to capture new business opportunities.

Watch our virtual events, live streamed In-person events and on-demand library of 70+ hours of content!

Community benefits:

  • Create your profile: Upload your details, photo, social media details and business information and #beintheroom.
  • Network and engage: Connect with other members on the Platform and see your AI matches (recommending the most relevant contacts), make meetings and do business!
  • Face-to-face video calls and meetings: Schedule meetings or chat instantly with other members.
  • Private meetings, briefings and round tables: Make private group meetings or round tables to enhance your networking experience.
  • View sessions live and on-demand: Bookmark sessions to watch live on the day or catch up on the event on-demand...and never miss another session!
  • Interact with Events - engage with specific event delegates: Members can ask questions, participate in polls and chat with other members at an event; all while watching the best Industry content.
  • Knowledge Hubs: Areas of specialist Industry information and data, curated to provide knowledge and share ideas; each championed by a market leader sponsor or organisation.
  • Exhbitor Hubs: Showcase your organisation and win work. Present your brand to the Community.
  • Sponsorship: A range of opportunities, see options HERE

If you have any questions click here and view some some of the most frequently asked questions on the platform. If the answer to your question isn’t included here please get in touch with Julia.


To find out more about the benefits of sponsoring Movers & Shakers events contact Leigh Natasha Salter on Tel No: 01753 847619, email: [email protected] or view our sponsorship page