The Changing Investment Agenda - North West

September 25th 2020


Balancing Commerciality with Social Responsibility & Sustainability

12.30pm - 1.30pm
Non members: £20.00 + VAT = £24.00 / Person. Members: free of charge.

Our event on: THE CHANGING INVESTMENT AGENDA - NORTH WEST, will explore the prospects for the region, the opportunities for investment and the challenges of getting projects off the ground. The big issue for investors over the last 12 months has been BALANCING COMMERCIALITY WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY.

In a COVID-19 World, the goal posts have changed and investment is arguably harder to gain; and the value of socially responsibility, ethical or green investments is still there, but the very real need for commercial returns can be a matter of survival.

Movers & Shakers has set out four pillars for 2020:
SUSTAINABILITY | INCLUSIVITY | SOCIAL VALUES | TECHNOLOGY. These themes run through all of our 2020 events.

The panel will look at how investment decisions are now being made. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) sits high on the agenda. Risk now requires more intricate data (the role of technology) and ROI can now be viewed in terms of both ethical / social and financial rewards.

The North West is a strong Market and still a good choice for investors, and Manchester is set for a period of major growth in all sectors, including its population, housing, and offices over the next 15 years according to the City Council’s Annual State of the City report. During 2019 in Manchester there were more cranes in the sky than ever recorded and with great leadership in place, the North West is capable of moving quickly in ‘building back better’ post COVID-19. Manchester still remains the largest office market of any City outside of London and provides great opportunity to the investor!

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