Re-Play Series - Localities & Liveability

June 17th 2022


- Creating better community-driven Neighbourhoods

10.30am - 11.30am
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This is the first webinar in our series of three international sessions on ‘Liveability’ - capturing and accelerating the positive changes in behaviour that have come from the COVID-19 experience. With contributors from New York, Copenhagen and London, this virtual event will focus on how we shape successful neighbourhoods, driven by the people and communities; and what we can learn from our Global counterparts. It has been starkly evident that the environment has reaped huge benefits during lockdown. Virtually overnight, sustainable transport modes have become the major options of choice. Air quality has improved as car use has declined, and people are enjoying local places in a new way. The question is – how do we maintain this progress post-COVID-19? How do we design our places, to create liveable, loveable, neighbourhoods, where people, communities and businesses can thrive in the long-term? ‘Community is king’ - COVID-19 has shown the absolute necessity of community engagement; and this is essential in terms of the physical development of neighbourhoods and the creation of space and public realm. Each neighbourhood is unique and special; and arguably building liveable places, can and should, be driven from ‘the ground up’. Yet, it takes collaboration, through good leadership, to enable this. The absence of cultural activities over the past three months has demonstrated the pivotal part that cultural experiences play in people’s well-being. Culture is such a powerful way of encouraging people to see, explore and engage within their localities; and to facilitate a truly inclusive dialogue in place-making. We want to translate tactical changes to permanent measures that provide long-term liveable communities and neighbourhoods. The built environment is the important foundation stone of liveability and this brings with it huge responsibility. Our eminent and immensely talented panel will draw together all of these elements from the international stage, streetscape and neighbourhood level; and share their ideas and expertise on creating a future that is sustainable, optimises public realm, helps local businesses thrive, and maintains the health and well-being of all. The discussion will be chaired by Patricia Brown and forms part of the conversation on London 3.0.

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