Road to Recovery - Private & Public Sector Collaboration

January 28th 2021


'UK Monthly Private & Public Recovery Sessions'

10.30am - 12.00pm
Non members: £15.00 + VAT = £18 / Person. Members: free of charge.

UK Monthly Private & Public Recovery Sessions

Brought to you by Movers & Shakers, in association with Cratus

We have designed a series of ‘Monthly Recovery Sessions’ - the last Thursday of each month. These fit with our 2021 Mission: To drive more and better Private and Public sector collaboration, and will be be delivered within our Movers & Shakers state-of-the-art interactive Community Platform (and App).

Each month, in association with Cratus, we will be delivering timely and topical sessions featuring Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Metro Mayors, the Combined Authorities, City Regions and individual Local Leaders.

Topic: Road to Recovery - Private & Public Sector Collaboration

Private & Public sector collaboration is fundamentally important to driving good growth, opening up opportunities for investment, getting developments off the ground, improving efficiency and meeting the needs of communities. And, mission critical to housing delivery in particular! There are lots of positives in adopting and developing mutually-productive relationships, particularly at a time when Local Government finances are under huge strain, resources have been diminished and are stretched.

So what can Public & Private Collaboration deliver? What are the challenges? What is the scale of the opportunity? What are barriers and what are the lessons learned? What constitutes a good partnership? What does a good relationship look like! We have assembled a first rate panel to debate this topic. Cllr Darren Rodwell leads Barking & Dagenham and is Housing lead for London Councils. Barking & Dagenham have generated massive inward investment. Eammon Boylan heads up the GMCA and a major part of the North West economy, how does he see collaboration in the context of achieving his authority’s growth targets? Bek Seely leads on development for Lendlease, who have a string of £ multi-billion regeneration projects in London and the Midlands. And finally Fiona Fletcher-Smith the newly appointed Chief Executive of L&Q, in a former life Director of Development at the GLA is well placed to the challenges of getting collaboration right

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