Unlocking the investment potential of ‘Outer’ London

November 16th 2023

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Unlocking the investment potential of ‘Outer’ London

The ‘Inner Boroughs of London’ could arguably be considered the wealthiest region in Europe. Whereas, the Outer Boroughs, although adjacent geographically, demonstrate a different profile.

Outer London is often regarded as the reluctant extension of the city, or, at its worst, a rejection of it. Despite already being far more densely populated, the outer boroughs are also experiencing a substantial net inward flow. The phrase – ‘Levelling Up’ was coined to essentially illustrate the disparities across the UK - North v South divide or London v outside of London. Life chances, health, well-being, skills, employment, and general social outcomes, are all considered to be substantially higher in ‘London’, specifically in ‘Inner London’.

However, London’s narrative is a dual one. It is the UK’s most unequal region.Taking into account the high housing costs that Londoners face, London has the highest rates of poverty of any region in England, and child poverty rates are particularly high. London itself requires levelling up!

Although markedly different in various aspects, it’s apparent that London’s Outer Boroughs collectively bear the brunt of the issues. Nevertheless, these boroughs are crucial to London’s overall prosperity, housing significant portions of Greater London’s population, key infrastructures, and numerous employment and retail sub-centres. Granted, some areas are seeing success, yet others are under considerable stress.

The UK needs London to remain a top-tier global city that can attract investment, tourism, students, and talent from around the world for the benefit of the whole country.

At this Movers & Shakers Breakfast, a formidable panel of experts from both the private and public sectors will discuss how we can unlock the investment potential of the ‘Outer Boroughs’. What strategies can be implemented to rejuvenate these regions? What financial and other forms of support can the government offer? Should the private sector lead this initiative? How can successful collaboration be achieved? How crucial is infrastructure and connectivity? And how can affordable homes delivered for the expanding population in London’s Outer Boroughs?

The necessity to rebalance London’s economy and housing market is apparent. More homes and affordable homes, are desperately needed! Unleashing the potential of the Outer Boroughs (and regenerating these key areas of London) could be a catalyst, not only benefiting those residing and working in these areas, but also contributing to the greater good of London and the entire UK.

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