How does the Real Estate Marketplace deliver change? - West Midlands

February 12th 2020

West Midlands

Sustainability | Inclusivity | Social Values | Technology

7:00am prompt - 9:40am finish (Networking Café 9.40am - 10.30am)
Macdonald Burlington Hotel, 126 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JQ
Non members: £57.95 + VAT = £69.54 / Person


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2020 marks the 25th Anniversary for Movers & Shakers. Our first breakfast of the year in the West Midlands will be held on February 12th. The topic is: “How does the Real Estate Marketplace deliver Change?”. We have set out Four Pillars for Movers & Shakers in 2020; to run through our UK Events Programme: Sustainability, Inclusivity, Social Values and Technology

The breakfast will focus on these pivotal themes and address how the RE Marketplace can deliver real change for both PEOPLE and the PLANET. As 2020 comes upon us, there are clear pressures on all of us in the Industry to adapt to a changing World – environmentally, socially (even culturally), economically, politically and technologically. For all the right reasons, the Real Estate Industry is needing to step up and take responsibility; as a major consumer of the World’s resources and as one of the largest contributors to Climate Change.

The West Midlands is one of the leading UK markets outside of London, across all sector types. It sits high on the UK regional table for foreign investment and offers a strong combination of both investment and development opportunities. Our four 2020 pillars are key themes at the top of the agenda for forward-looking organisations, as the Industry strives to deliver better outcomes. It is becoming increasingly important to the success (commercial and non-commercial) of all Real Estate businesses; along with the ethical, moral and environmental facets that it delivers on.

The discussion questions will include: What does it take to be a “Change-Maker” in the Industry? How are we delivering on social outcomes? How can housing targets (and mix) be achieved, whilst delivering successful outcomes on sustainability and inclusivity? And, how is technology driving major change at all levels in developing the future of the West Midlands? Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Plus lots more!

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